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No. 20   (December 29, 2006)



Editor: Lilit Hovhannisyan



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We wish you and your family strong health and great success for the coming 2007 year.

May love, peace and happiness knock on your doors these holiday season and always.







1.      ArAS Annual Prize for Young Astronomers

2.      ANSEF grants 2007

3.      JENAM-2007 news 







On December 25, 2005, for the third time, ArAS awarded its Annual Prize for young astronomers. As in 2004 and 2005, the prize is sponsored by Prof. Yervant Terzian, Co-President of ArAS. This time the decision was to share the Prize between two young Byurakan associates: Lilit HOVHANNISYAN and Parandzem SINAMYAN. They received certificates and USD 50 each. 


Lilit Hovhannisyan, 27, has graduated from the Yerevan State University, Department of Astrophysics, and works in Byurakan since 2002. Her main research area includes the investigation of infrared galaxies, AGNs, QSOs, etc. Lilit's research in 2006 was devoted to Optical identification of ROSAT-FSC sources. The results are published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 449, No. 1, Apr I 2006, p. 425-433. During 2006, she participated in VLTI and SS-2006 schools, and BAO-60 meeting. She is a member of the Armenian Virtual Observatory (ArVO) project. 


Parandzem Sinamyan, 29, has graduated from the Yerevan State University, Department of Astrophysics, and works in Byurakan since 1999. She is an ArAS member since 2005. She works in the field of surveys of blue stellar objects, study of white dwarfs, subdwarfs, cataclysmic variables, etc. and currently prepares her PhD thesis. Parandzem’s research in 2006 was devoted to spectroscopic study of the FBS blue stellar objects. A paper Sinamian P.K., Mickaelian A.M., “Spectral Observations of the FBS Blue Stellar Objects. Zone DEC=+43” was published in Astrophysics, Vol. 49. She participated in VLTI and SS-2006 schools, and BAO-60 meeting. She is a member of the Armenian Virtual Observatory (ArVO) project.  


We congratulate Lilit and Parandzem with this success and wish them future scientific achievements.




ANSEF announces 2007 grants


The Armenian National Science and Educational Fund (ANSEF) announced recently new research awards for 2007. This year two projects from the Byurakan Observatory have been approved. The projects headed by Dr. Areg Mickaelian, "Science with the Armenian Virtual Observatory" and Dr. Smbat Balayan Reconstraction of the Bao 1m Schmidt Type Telescope were awarded ANSEF grants.


ANSEF grants are active since 2001. Altogether, 21 astrophysical projects from the Byurakan Observatory and Yerevan State University have been awarded ANSEF grants, USD 5000 each. The previous winners were:



Mahtesyan A.P. (BAO), The Influence of the Surroundings on the Physical Characteristics of Galaxies in Groups

Nikoghosyan E.H. (BAO), Search and the Proper Motions of Herbig-Haro Objects in the Star Forming Regions

Ter-Ghazaryan G.T. (BAO), Multi-Nuclei Features of Markarian Galaxies and Physical Mechanism Beyond


Andreasyan R.R. (BAO), The 3-D structure of the magnetic field of the Galaxy

Saharian A. (YSU), Casimir Densities and Induced Cosmological Constant in Higher-Loop String Cosmology

Sedrakyan D. (YSU), Gravitational Waves from Relativistic Superdense Stellar Objects


Andreasyan R.R. (BAO), The Distribution of Free Electrons in the Galaxy

Hakopian S.A. (BAO), 3D-study of SBS galaxies

Ter-Kazarian G.T. (BAO), An Activity of Galactic Nuclei and SuperdenceProtomatter” Sources in the Universe


Movsessian T.H. (BAO), Multi-Component Investigation of Extragalactic Radio Sources

Vardanyan Yu. (YSU), Quark Matter in Superdense Stellar Objects

Zalinian V.P. (BAO), Updating the Control of the Telescope ZTA-2.6


Hovhannisyan M.A. (BAO), The Investigation of the Extended Radio Galaxies

Magakian T.Yu. (BAO), Searches and Detailed Studies of Outflows from PMS Stars

Mickaelian A.M. (BAO), Digitization of the First Byurakan Survey (FBS)

Shahabasyan  K. (YSU), Problems of Magnetic Field Behavior and Rotational Dynamics of Pulsars


Khachikian E.Ye. (BAO), Radio and Optical Investigations of Extragalactic Objects

Mickaelian A.M. (BAO), Study of Starburst/AGN/Interaction Phenomena in IRAS Galaxies

Saharian A. (YSU), Dynamics of Higher-Loop String Cosmology and Dilaton Stabilization


ANSEF grants are significant support for the Byurakan and the University astronomers giving possibility for active research in the most important areas.






As it was announced, the Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting in 2007 (JENAM-2007) will be held in Yerevan, Armenia. Tha main information is available on its web page at




or its mirror site at EAS:




JENAM-2007 program consists of 7 EAS symposia and 7 Special Sessions:


EAS Symposia


EAS S1: Extrasolar Planets

EAS S3: Violent Phenomena in Young Stars

EAS S4: High-Energy Astrophysics

EAS S5: Activity in Galaxies

EAS S6: Dynamics of Galaxies and Galactic Nuclei

EAS S7: Observational Cosmology

EAS S8: Science with Virtual Observatories


Special Sessions


SPS1: Stellar Structure and Evolution

SPS2: New Developments in Asteroseismology

SPS3: Gravitational Wave Astrophysics

SPS4: Astronomy from the Antarctic plateau

SPS5: Astronomy Education in Europe

SPS6: Archaeoastronomy

SPS7: Numerical Astrophysics




May 1, 2007                 Deadline for Submission of Abstracts and Travel Grant Applications

May 15, 2007                Applicants to be informed on outcome of Travel Grant Applications and Confirmation of Acceptance of Abstracts

June 1, 2007                Deadline for Early Registration (with reduced fee) and Hotel Reservation

June 30, 2007               Final Submission of Abstracts of accepted papers for the Abstracts book

July 15, 2007                Final Announcement with the detailed Program

Aug 20-25, 2007           JENAM-2007 in Yerevan




Joachim Krautter (Germany), Co-chair, SOC: jkrautte@lsw.uni-heidelberg.de

Areg Mickaelian (Armenia), Co-chair, SOC and Chair, LOC: aregmick@apaven.am







Marietta GYULZADYAN, celebrated recently her 50th anniversary. Born 13.12.1956, she works at the Byurakan Observatory since 1978. Since 1990 M. Gyulzadyan is a Junior Research Associate of BAO. Her research is devoted to various studies of extragalactic objects, including UV-excess galaxies, starburst galaxies and particularly, SBS galaxies. She lectures at the Yerevan phys-math school and has contributed significantly in preparation of Armenian pupils for astronomical Olympiads. Marietta is a member of ArAS since July 1999, the very beginning of its foundation.


Artur KARAPETYAN, celebrated recently his 50th anniversary. Born 06.10.1956, he works at the Byurakan Observatory since 1987. Since 1990 A. Karapetyan is a Junior Research Associate of BAO. His research is devoted to various studies of non-stable stars, including long-period variables, binaries, etc. Artur is a member of ArAS since May 2002.