Davit Sedrakian


Davit Sedrakian is one of the most outstanding Armenian modern physicists; the main topic of his investigations was and remains the theoretical astrophysics, and the most important results were achieved in that sphere.


Davit Mher Sedrakian was born on December 9, 1938 in Yerevan. In 1961 he graduated from the Yerevan State University. In 1964 he defended his Candidate thesis of physical-mathematical sciences on the diffraction radiation of a charged point particle. In 1964-1977 he worked at the chair of theoretical physics of Yerevan State University, in 1972 he was awarded a doctorate of physical-mathematical sciences, 1975 he was awarded a professorship of the chair of theoretical physics, in 1974-1986 and since 1994 he was the head of the chair of general physics. He was elected a Corresponding Member of the Armenian SSR Academy of Sciences (1982) and an academician (1990). In 1985-1990 Sedrakian was an Academician-secretary of RA National Academy of Sciences, in 1990-1994 its Vice-president. He was also the president of the Council of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics of RA National Academy of Sciences, a number of scientific councils, including a member of the scientific council and professional council of the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory. Since 2000 he is the Editor-in-Chief of the main astronomical journal of Armenia “Astrophysics” as well.


Sedrakian’s works refer to the theory of diffraction radiation and theoretical astrophysics, the theory of gravitation, the theory of superfluidity and superconduction. Since 1960s he worked on the theory of cosmic superdense bodies, a problem, which was put forward by academician Viktor Ambartsumian, and which was developed in collaboration with Sedrakian’s scientific adviser academician Gurgen Sahakian. He investigated the diffraction radiation of charged particles. He found one of few solutions of Einstein’s equations describing the magnetic field; the axial-symmetric solution in vacuum, on its basis he formed a theory of rotational celestial bodies, which he used for the research of physical characteristics of polytrope stellar models, white dwarf stars and baryon stars. The results of that theory proved that Englishman A. Hewish’s revealed pulsars were rotational neutron stars. He also took up the problem of the origin of superpower magnetic fields in pulsars; in particular, he proposed a theoretical mechanism based on superfluidity property of neutrons and protons. He investigates the observing deceleration of rotatory motion of pulsars, as well as the parted energy, the mechanism of radio-radiation during the deceleration.


As a result of these works Sedrakian published more than 200 scientific articles, including in the most important international journals of physics and astrophysics. During long periods of time Sedrakian has an active collaboration with scientists of the USA, France and other foreign scientists and on purpose of invited seminars, scientific researches, participation in conferences and scientific discussions he visited a number of international scientific centers.


Davit Sedrakian was awarded a Lenin Young Communists' Union Prize winner of Armenia (1970); he was awarded Anania Shirakatsi medal (1999), as well as a number of other scientific honors and grants; CRDF, ANSEF and others. He was the head of numerous famous physicists who successfully work at Yerevan State University and other places at present. He is a member of International Astronomical Union, Armenian Physical Society and Armenian Astronomical Society (2009), a number of other scientific organizations.