Benik TUMANIAN (1917-1980)


Benik Tumanian was an astrophysicist, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor and an Honored Science Worker of USSR.

Benik Tumanian was born on May 1, 1917, in Dsegh village in Lori. He graduated the elementary school in Tbilisi. In 1935 he became student of Yerevan State University (YSU) at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. In 1940 he graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and started working as an assistant at the Chair of Mathematical Analysis of the same faculty. In 1940 he started his postgraduate studies. In 1941 B. Tumanian went to the Army and participated to the Great Patriotic War. In 1946 he discharged from the Army and returned to the University to continue his postgraduate studies.

In 1950 he defended his PhD thesis and worked as an Associate Professor at the Department of Astrophysics. In 1958 with the leadership of B. Tumanian artificial satellites observing station was built in the YSU.

He has authored more than a hundred scientific papers, most of which are related to the history of astronomy. His high-valued work is two-volume of "History of Astronomy", in 1970 this work was awarded the “Natural Sciences and Engineering” diploma of the USSR National Committee.

In 1970 he defended his doctoral thesis. In 1972 he was awarded the title of Professor. From 1974 until the day of his death he was the dean of the Faculty of Physics at YSU.

B. Tumanian is the author of "History of Chronology" (Yerevan, 1972), "Geocentric and heliocentric systems in Armenia" (Yerevan, 1973), "The Moon" (Yerevan, 1979) monographs. He is the author of many popular books, articles, and the co-author of "General Astronomy" (Yerevan, 1960), "Astronomy" (Yerevan, 1978) manuals.

In 1975 he was awarded the "Nicholas Copernicus" medal by the Polish government. In 1979 B. Tumanian was awarded the title of Scientific Honored Worker of Armenian USSR. He was also awarded Khachatur Abovyan Medal and many certificates from USSR.

Tumanian passed away in February, 1980 in Yerevan.