German and Armenian astronomers have rich traditions of collaborative research, mutual visits, and joint publications. There have been several field of investigations of mutual interest, and collaborative projects are active, such as optical identifications of ROSAT sources and study of X-ray properties of AGN and late-type stars (A. Mickaelian, S. Balayan, S. Hakopian, L. Hovhannisyan, L. Sargsyan & K. Gigoyan with Hamburg Sternwarte and MPE, Garching); investigation of star formation regions in Our Galaxy (T. Magakian, T. Movsessian & E. Nikogossian with the MPIA, Heidelberg); gamma-ray astrophysics (between YerPhI and MPK, Heidelberg), X-ray properties of non-stable stars (V. Ambaryan with AIP, Potsdam); study of Shahbazian groups of galaxies (A. Amirkhanyan with AIP, Potsdam); Terrestrial atmospheric effects induced by counterstreaming dense interstellar cloud material (A. Yeghikian with Bonn University); digitization of the First Byurakan Survey (A. Mickaelian, L. Sargsyan, L. Erastova & K. Gigoyan with Hamburg Sternwarte) and others. Armenian astronomers have had a number of visits to German astronomical centers, both for research and participation in meetings. A number of astronomers of Armenian origin permanently or by contracts work in German institutions. Similarly, German scientists have visited Byurakan for collaboration. In addition, recently initiated Byurakan International Summer Schools are strongly supported by German lecturers (D. Engels and others), as well as German students actively participate in these schools. There have been discussions on collaboration between the Armenian Virtual Observatory (ArVO) and the European Virtual Observatory (Euro-VO) based in Garching, Germany. Though the German-Armenian collaboration in astronomy is not yet officially set up, however a number of organizations and funds support its activities, such as German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG), German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, DAAD), German institutions, Armenian National Academy of Sciences (NAS RA), Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) and Yerevan Physics Institute (YerPhI).

Joachim Krautter and his wife at the
welcome reception during JENAM-2007
    Areg Mickaelian at Hamburger Sternwarte
with Hans Hagen and Dieter Engels
    German students Johannes Kleiner
and Sebastian Dietz climbing
Mt. Aragatz during ISYA-2010