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Beyond International Year of Astronomy


IYA-2009 / Beyond IYA-2009 main webpage


The International Year of Astronomy (IYA-2009) was the largest event in the history of astronomy and probably of science in general. A number of projects (called cornerstone and special projects) were conducted and accomplished during 2009, such as 100 Hours of Astronomy (100HA), The Galileoscope, Cosmic Diary, The Portal to the Universe (PTTU), She is an Astronomer, Dark Skies Awareness, Astronomy & World Heritage, Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP), Universe Awareness (UNAWE), From Earth to the Universe, Developing Astronomy Globally (DAG), Galilean Nights, StarPeace, etc. Armenia actively participated in IYA-2009, especially in the projects 100HA, The Galileoscope, Cosmic Diary, Astronomy & World Heritage, and DAG. We organized a number of meetings and other events all supporting the idea of global development of astronomy in the world and Armenia.


Many of IYA-2009 activities and projects that were started in 2009 will go on, as the legacy of IYA-2009. IYA-2009 was in fact an important start of a new era in development and popularization of astronomy throghout the world. The IAU has suggested to call the continuing IYA-2009 projects Beyond IYA-2009 as a whole. This concerns the year 2010 and beyond depending on the activities. Especially important were and will continue the IYA-2009 cornerstone projects PTTU, Astronomy and World Heritage, GTTP, UNAWE, DAG, etc.


During its XXVII General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, the IAU has accepted a Decadal Strategic Plan for 2010-2020 where the development of astronomy worldwide is recognized as a the IAU global program. In frame of this project, IAU will create regional offices (Offices for Astronomy Development, OAD) in each of the defined eight regions.



Single Point of Contact (SPoC): Areg Mickaelian, Armenian Coordinator, IYA-2009 / Beyond-IYA



Calendar of 2010 events and activities


Jan 2 90th anniversary of Prof. George Herbig (USA)

Jan 9-10 IYA-2009 Official Closing Ceremony in Padua, Italy

Feb Launch of Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)

Mar 15-19 CAP-2010 meeting in Cape Town, South Africa

April Armenian Republican school Astronomical Olympiad in Byurakan

May 20 75th anniversary of Dr. Rafik Vardanian, late BAO scientist

July 7 70th anniversary of Prof. Anatol Cherepashchuk (Russia)

July 10 80th anniversary of Prof. Zadig Mouradian (France)

July Teacher training workshop at the Yerevan Physical-Mathematical school

Aug 30 Sep 4 SEAC XVIII meeting in Gilching, Germany

Sep 6-10 JENAM-2010 in Lisbon, Portugal

Sep 12 Oct 2 Third Byurakan International Summer School (3BISS) combined with ISYA-2010

Sep 18 Astronomy Day in Armenia

Sep 18 Award of Viktor Ambartsumian International Prize 2010

Sep 21 85th anniversary of Dr. Romela Shahbazian, former BAO scientist

Oct ArAS IX Annual meeting combined with Archaeoastronomy meeting in Byurakan

Nov 80th anniversary of Dr. Renata Mnatsakanian, former BAO scientist

Nov 75th anniversary of Dr. Elsa Hovhannisian, late BAO scientist



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