First Byurakan Summer School for YSU Students


August 20-28, 1995, YerPhI “Nor Amberd” rest-house, Aragatz, Armenia



The school was organized to provide some astronomical knowledge to the YSU students of the Department of Physics, as well as attract school pupils to the Byurakan Observatory and astronomy in general. The school was linked to the Republican School Astronomical Olympiad, and the best pupils participating in the final stage of the Olympiad could take part in the school and spend time with the YSU students. A number of lectures, practical exercises, competitions, and social events were organized.


Organizing Committee: Artashes Petrosian (Chair), Areg Mickaelian (Secretary).


Altogether, ?? lecturers, ?? students, and ?? pupils participated.




List of the lecturers and lectures


Arshakian Tigran G.

Grigoryan Avetik E.

Mickaelian, Areg M.



List of the students


Hovhannisyan Elena R., YSU

Khanzadyan Tigran V., YSU

Kishinevskaya Anna V., YSU

Musayelyan Gurgen Yu., YSU

Nazarian Arus G., YSU



List of the school pupils


Gharibjanian A.A., X form

Ghazaryan .E.,

Sargsyan Lusine, X form