Second Byurakan International Summer School for Young Astronomers: Practical Astrophysics

Devoted to V.A. Ambartsumian’s 100th anniversary


September 20-30, 2008, Byurakan, Armenia



The Second Byurakan International Summer School was organized jointly by BAO and ArAS. The School was devoted to Prof. V.A. Ambartsumian’s 100th anniversary and was linked to Ambartsumian's Centennial meetings (conference in Byurakan and conference in Yerevan), so that the students also might participate in the corresponding events before the school.  


International Organizing Committee (IOC): Don Barry (USA), Michel Dennefeld (France), Dieter Engels (Co-Chair, Germany), Haik Harutyunian (Armenia), Daniel Kunth (France), Areg Mickaelian (Co-Chair, Armenia).


Local Organizing Committee (LOC): Areg Mickaelian (Chair), Lusine Sargsyan (Secretary).


Main topics:


·         Ground-based telescopes and modern observational techniques

·         Space Telescopes and Space Missions

·         2D spectroscopy

·         Computers for Astronomy: Astronomical Data Reduction

·         Archives, Databases and Virtual Observatories

·         Studies of Planets, Stars, Nebulae, and Galaxies by various methods

·         Astronomical Surveys and Future Giant Projects


Altogether, 13 lecturers from 5 countries (Armenia – 7, USA – 2, Australia – 1, Germany – 2, and France – 1) and 31 students from 9 countries (Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Jordan) participated in the school (16 students from Armenia and 15 foreign ones). 18 lectures and 4 practical exercises were given. Among the lecturers, there were such famous scientists as Daniel Kunth, Dieter Engels, and Lev Titarchuk. The students gave 7 short presentations as well.


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List of the Lecturers


Arshakian, Tigran G., Max-Planck Institute fьr Radioastronomy, Germany

Barry, Don, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA

Engels, Dieter, Hamburger Sternwarte, Germany

Harutyunian, Haik A., Byurakan Astrophys. Obs. (BAO), Armenia

Kunth, Daniel, Inst. d’Aastrophysique de Paris, France

Magakian, Tigran Yu., Byurakan Astrophys. Obs. (BAO), Armenia

Mickaelian, Areg M., Byurakan Astrophys. Obs. (BAO), Armenia

Movsessian, Tigran H., Byurakan Astrophys. Obs. (BAO), Armenia

Petrosian, Artashes R., Byurakan Astrophys. Obs. (BAO), Armenia

Sadoyan, Avetis A., Yerevan State Univ. (YSU), Armenia

Sargsyan, Lusine A., Byurakan Astrophys. Obs. (BAO), Armenia

Sarkissian, John (Hovhannes), Parkes Radio Observatory, CSIRO, Australia

Titarchuk, Lev, GMU / NRL / GSFC, USA


List of the Students


Abrahamyan, Hayk, M.Sc. student, YSU / BAO, Armenia

Baghramyan, Nelly, B.Sc. student, YSU, Armenia

Buntemeyer, Lars, M.Sc. student, University of Hamburg, Germany

Bunzel, Felix, M.Sc. student, University of Hamburg, Germany

Bura, Cotizo, Ph.D. student, Babes-Bolyai Univ., Romania

Chesnok, Nadya, Ph.D. student, Kyiv National Univ., Ukraine

Dalee, Hani, Ph.D. student, Al Al-Bayt University, Jordan

Egorov, Oleg, Ph.D. student, Moscow State University, Russia

Farhan, Ahlam, Ph.D. student, Al Al-Bayt University, Jordan

Gevorgian, Mkrtich, M.Sc. student, YSU / BAO, Armenia

Ghazaryan, Satenik, M.Sc. student, YSU / BAO, Armenia

Harutyunyan, Artak N., Ph.D. student, BAO, Armenia

Hovhannessian, Elena R., Ph.D. student, BAO, Armenia

Hovhannisyan, Lilit, Ph.D. student, BAO, Armenia

Kakabadze, Levan, Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Kasimova, Ekaterina, Rostov State Univ., SAO, Russia

Kochiashvili, Ia, Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Kostandyan, Gayane, Ph.D. student, BAO, Armenia

Martirosyan, Araqs, B.Sc. student, YSU, Armenia

Maryeva, Olga, M.Sc. student, Stavropol State Univ., Sao, Russia

Mohammadpour, Maedeh, Ph.D. student, University of Bologna, Italy

Paronyan, Gurgen, Ph.D. student, BAO, Armenia

Petrusevska, Tanja, M.Sc. student, University of Trieste, Italy

Piloyan, Arpine, Ph.D. student, YSU, Armenia

Poghosyan, Emiliya, B.Sc. student, YSU, Armenia

Rożek, Agata, M.Sc. student, Adam Mickiewicz Univ., Poland

Sargsyan, David, M.Sc. student, YSU / BAO, Armenia

Taani, Ali, Ph.D. student, Al Al-Bayt University, Jordan

Tovmasyan, Murad, B.Sc. student, YSU, Armenia

Tovmasyan, Narek, B.Sc. student, YSU, Armenia

Turshujyan, Hermine, B.Sc. student, YSU, Armenia



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