(combined with the Byurakan Observatory 60th Anniversary Meeting)


1-3 September 2006, Byurakan, Armenia



The Byurakan Observatory 60th Anniversary Meeting was a part of celebrations. The First Byurakan International Summer School was also associated with these events (it took place on August 26 – September 3, 2006, in the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory). The school and the meeting were organized by the Byurakan Observatory and the Armenian Astronomical Society.


Due to participation in the school as lecturers, a number of foreign scientists took also part in the meeting making this annual meeting the most important from this point of views. 16 foreign and 14 Armenian students participated in the school, including students from Italy, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Jordan, from the Byurakan Observatory and the Yerevan State University.


On September 1-3, the Byurakan Observatory 60th anniversary meeting “Active Universe” took place, where the school participants were invited to take part as well. The following talks were presented:


H.A. Harutyunyan (BAO, Armenia): Brief history of the BAO

D. Weedman (Cornell University, USA): Markarian galaxies and BAO at 30 years

V.V. Ivanov (St. Petersburg State University, Russia): Square root of epsilon: 60-year's history of one Byurakan formula

E.Ye. Khachikian (BAO, Armenia): The Problems of UV-galaxies

S.N. Dodonov (Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russia): Search of the Active Objects by Spectral Energy Distribution

T.Yu. Magakian (BAO, Armenia): Studies of Young Stellar Objects with Anisotropic Outflows in Byurakan

T.G. Arshakian (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie, MPIfR, Bonn, Germany): Zooming into the central engine: correlations between pc-scale radio jets and optical spectral characteristics of host AGN  

L.G. Balazs (Konkoly Observatory, Hungary): Angular distribution of Gamma Ray Bursts

G. Alecian (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, France): Build-up of abundance stratifications in stars  

A.M. Mickaelian (BAO, Armenia): Science projects with the Armenian Virtual Observatory

V.P. Grinin (Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, St. Petersburg, Russia): The nature of the cyclic activity of UX Ori type stars

A.G. Nikoghossian (BAO, Armenia): Line Radiation of Multicomponent and Mesoturbulent Atmospheres   

D. Engels (Hamburger Sternwarte, Germany): Stellar Evolution on the Asymptotic Giant Branch

I. Jankovich (Gothard Observatory, Hungary): Blueshifted forbidden line in T Tauri stars

S.A. Lamzin (Sternberg Astronomical Institute (SAI), Moscow, Russia): The nature of FUOrs

G.H. Tovmassian (UNAM, Mexico): On the most oxygen-poor Planetary Nebula  with Close Binary Nuclei

I. Vincze (Gothard Observatory, Hungary): On the spectrum of the new star in Auriga, as compared with the spectra of planetary nebulae. One of the first observational study on active Universe in 1892

E. Bon (Belgrade Observatory, Serbia): Coherent Archaeo-catastrophism. The  Starmap of Mithra

N. Gavrilovic (Belgrade Observatory, Serbia): Active Galaxies in HyperLEDA

C. Rossi (Italy): DFBS web portal and its usage
E.S. Parsamian  (BAO,
Armenia): Flare Stars in Star Clusters and Associations

S.N. Dodonov (Special Astrophysical Observatory, Russia): 1-m Schmidt Reconstruction: Scientific Goals and Current Project Status

A.A. Sadoyan (Yerevan State University, Armenia): Gravitational waves from isolated superdense celestial bodies

D.M. Sedrakian  (Yerevan State University, Armenia): Covariant Formulation of Dynamical Equations of Quantum Vortices in Type II Superconductors

J.A. Stepanian (Mexico, presented by A.M.Mickaelian): Demography of AGN from the SDSS forth data release

H.A. Harutyunyan (BAO, Armenia): On the Problem of Faint Blue Galaxies’


The International Association for the promotion of co-operation with scientists from the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union (INTAS), Apaven Ltd. Company, and Prof. Dan Weedman were the sponsors of the school and the meeting.