Departments of Astrophysics (extragalactic astronomy), Theoretical Physics (theory of neutron stars and other superdense cosmic objects) and General Physics (theory of neutron stars, galaxy dynamics);

Theoretical Physics Division (cosmology and gravitation) and Cosmic Ray Division (high-energy astrophysics)


28 Armenian astronomers are IAU members and 25 are EAS members; some are members of other international societies and organizations (see the list of Armenian astronomers members of international organizations). 

Some 80 Armenian astronomers work in other countries outside Armenia; many of them are well-known and have tight contacts with BAO and other Armenian institutions and astronomers: Yervant Terzian (Cornell Univ., USA), Vahe Petrosian (Stanford Univ., USA), Agop Terzan (Lyon Obs., France), Zadig Mouradian and Georges Alecian (Paris-Meudon Obs., France), Ralph (Ara) Krikorian (IAP, France), Fabio Mardirossian (SISSA, Italy), many others.