The publication lists are given according to the ADS database, however Astrofizika and Astrophysics (English translation of Astrofizika) have been merged, as well as Russian journals Астрон. Ж. / Astron. Reports and Письма в Астрон. Ж. / Astron. Letters. E-prints have been removed if later published in journals. Also, abstracts of papers presented in meetings have been removed if later published in proceedings. In addition, some publications absent in ADS have been added.

During the last 18 years (2000-2017), 83 Byurakan astronomers have published 974 papers (yearly 52.6 in average), including 532 papers (yearly 29.0 in average) in 42 refereed journals (including ApJ, AJ, A&A, MNRAS, ApSS, Astronomische Nachrichten, Astrophysics, etc.), 285 papers in proceedings of 80 meetings (including 62 in IAU symposia and colloquia and a few others at IAU GA Joint Discussions and Special Sessions), 43 electronic catalogs, 24 books, 35 e-prints, 37 abstracts, 6 papers in books, and 12 other papers. The year 2004 was the most productive with 40 papers in refereed journals. However, by the total number of papers 2016 was the best: 113 publications, including 38 in refereed journals.

Figure on the right: Distribution of the number of publications by BAO authors during 2000-2016. Papers in refereed journals, proceedings of meetings, and others are given separately.


# Authors Title Publication Short Vol Issue Pages Month Year