Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO) Plate Archive is one of the largest astronomical archives in the world and is considered to be BAO main observational treasure. Taking into account decades hard work of Armenian astronomers and the work of BAO telescopes and other expensive equipment, as well as the results of their activities, one can say that BAO Plate Archive is one of our national scientific values. Due to Viktor Ambartsumian’s brilliant ideas and the mentioned observational work, RA Government has recognized BAO as National value.

Today BAO archive holds 37,500 astronomical plates, films or other carriers of observational data. However, previous observational and informational registration methods currently do not make it available to wide range of scientists, and especially its usage for solution of new research problems.

The digitization of astronomical plates and films pursues not only the maintenance task, but also it will serve as a source for new scientific research and discoveries, if only the digitized material runs according to modern standards and, due to its accessibility, it will become an active archive.

The project is aimed at compilation, accounting, digitization of BAO observational archive photographic plates and films, as well as their incorporation in databases with modern standards and methods, providing access for all observational material and development of new scientific programs based on this material.