At YSU a Chair of Astrophysics (at the Department of Physics) set up by Prof. V.A. Ambartsumian in 1946, is operating to date. This Chair trains specialists for a career in astrophysics. Presently only one or two students graduate from this department yearly while in 1980s a dozen of specialists were trained every year. For many years, Prof. M.A. Kazarian headed the Chair of Astrophysics and has a great contribution in preparation of many professional astrophysicists currently successfully working at BAO and elsewhere. BAO serves as the scientific base for the students of YSU as well, and a number of staff members from BAO conduct special courses for YSU students. YSU provides Bachelorís degree in Physics and Master's degree in Astrophysics.


Present staff at the YSU Chair of Astrophysics:


Professors: A.K. Avetissian, M.A. Kazarian

Lecturer: E.L. Karapetian

Head of the Laboratory: J.R. Martirosyan

Assistant astronomer: G.V. Petrosian

Ph.D. student: V.Zh. Adibekyan


According to the recent decision at the YSU, the Chair of Astrophysics will be combined with the Chair of General Physics. The new Chairs will be named Chair of General Physics and Astrophysics and will be headed by Prof. D.M. Sedrakian.