Astronomy at school in Armenia is being taught for many years. During recent years annual competitions for revealing gifted pupils in astronomy are organized by Ministry of Education in collaboration with BAO. The country winners successfully participate and win prestigious prizes in the international astronomical Olympiads as well. Late Dr. A.V. Oskanian was the person who raised the Armenian school astronomy to a very high level, so that Armenian pupils won a number of high ranked prizes at International Astronomical Olympiads (IAO). Other people that contributed in the preparation of Armenian pupils and organizations of astronomical Olympiads were and are: Dr. H.A. Harutyunian, Dr. V.S. Airapetian, A.E. Grigoryan, Dr. A.M. Mickaelian, M.V. Gyulzadyan, Dr. A.A. Hakopian, Dr. S.E. Nersissian, and others. ArAS is the official representative of the Armenian Olympic team at the International Astronomical Olympiads (IAO), and A.V. Oskanian was a member of the Council of IAO in 2001-2004.


There are three kinds of Olympiads where Armenian pupils participate:


Armenian National Astronomical Olympiads


Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Astronomical Olympiads


International Astronomical Olympiads (IAO)


International Olympiads on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA)



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