Astrofizika (Afz) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which publishes original research in observational and theoretical astrophysics and presents recent advances in these fields. It is being published by the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS RA) in Russian. The journal publishes original papers, review papers, book reviews, and some editorial notes, including anniversaries and obituaries.

Astrophysics (Ap) is the English translation of Astrofizika, which is being published by Springer. There one can find English translations of all papers published since 1965 (Astrofizika has been republished in English since 1965, originally by Plenum Publishing Corporation).

Astrofizika Russian version papers 1993-2014 are available online at NAS RA fundamental library.


Astrofizika was founded in 1965 on the initiative of Viktor Ambartsumian, the President of Armenian Academy of Sciences and the Director of Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory. Viktor Sobolev (Leningrad State University) took an active part in foundation of the journal. Ambartsumian was the first Editor-in-Chief of Astrofizika and served in this position till 1988. Among the members of the Editorial Board during these 50 years, there have been many famous scientists, such as Alexander A. Boyarchuk, Anatol M. Cherepashchuk, Viktor A. Dombrovskii, Vitali G. Gorbatskii, Samuel A. Kaplan, Evgeni K. Kharadze, Ivan M. Kopylov, Beniamin E. Markarian, Ludwik V. Mirzoyan (Editor-in-Chief in 1988-1999), Gurgen S. Sahakian, Davit M. Sedrakian (Editor-in-Chief since 2000), Viktor V. Sobolev (Chairman of the Editorial Council in 1988-1998), Yervant Terzian (USA), Boris A. Vorontsov-Velyaminov, Yakov B. Zel’dovich, and others.

Astrophysics’ Impact Factor (IF) 2013 was 0.556, the highest among all Armenian journals.

Published in NAS RA “Gitutyun” Publishing House.

In 2015, Astrofizika/Astrophysics celebrates its 50th anniversary.