50 most published authors

Viktor Ambartsumian published 13 papers in Astrofizika in 1965-1998 (the last one was published after he passed away).

Two authors have published papers since 1965 till 2014, during 50 years:
I. D. Karachentsev and A. G. Nikoghossian

Authors with the highest number of papers:
98        D. M. Sedrakian
66        E. Ye. Khachikian
62        A. T. Kalloghlian
62        M. A. Kazarian

Authors with the highest efficiency of publication (average annual number of papers):
2.38     V. A. Lipovetskii
2.05     A. M. Mickaelian
2.04     D. M. Sedrakian
1.94     M. A. Arakelian
1.75     B. E. Markarian