BAO grants Ph.D. (Candidate of Science) and Doctor of Science degrees in Astronomy and Astrophysics since 1970s. Prof. V.A. Ambartsumian was the first chairman of the Specialized Council at BAO for Scientific Degrees. At present Prof. E.S. Parsamian is the chair. It is worth noting that many post graduate students from various countries of former Soviet Union as well as from abroad received their Ph.D. and Doctoral degrees in Astrophysics at BAO; among them are Igor Karachentsev (PhD in 1967, Russia), Georgy Petrov (PhD in 197?, Bulgaria), Vasil Popov (PhD in 197?, Bulgaria), Ishtvan Jankovich (PhD in 1975, Hungary), Milcho Tsvetkov (PhD in 1976, Bulgaria), Alisher Khojaev (PhD in 1985, Uzbekistan), Aleksandr Makarov (PhD in 1989, Russia), Victor Afanasiev (Doctoral degree in 1990, Russia). YSU also grants Ph.D. degree both in Physics and Astrophysics.


At present 33 scientists at BAO have scientific degrees:


Doctors of Science (7): A.L. Gyulbudaghian, E.Ye. Khachikian, T.Yu. Magakian, V.H. Malumian, A.G. Nikoghossian, E.S. Parsamian, G.T. Ter-Kazarian


Candidates of Science (Ph.D.) (26): A.S. Amirkhanian, R.R. Andreasyan, S.K. Balayan, G.H. Broutian, H.S. Chavushian, Ar.G. Eghikian, L.K. Erastova, M.A. Eritsian, K.S. Gigoyan, A.A. Hakopian, S.A. Hakopian, H.A. Harutyunian, R.Kh. Hovhannessian, J.B. Hovhannissian, M.A. Hovhannissian, S.G. Iskudarian, A.T. Kalloghlian, A.P. Mahtessian, N.D. Melikian, A.M. Mickaelian, T.H. Movsessian, E.H. Nikogosyan, G.A. Ohanian, A.R. Petrosian, H.V. Pikichian, A.A. Yeghiazaryan


Ph.D. students or equivalents (12 at BAO and 3 at YSU): V.Zh. Adibekyan, A.A. Hakobyan, L.A. Sargsyan (thesis defense expected in 2009);

N.S. Asatrian, An.G. Eghikian, M.V. Gyulzadyan, A.N. Harutyunyan, E.R. Hovhannessian, L.R. Hovhannisyan, A.A. Karapetian, G.R. Kostandyan, J.R. Martirosyan, V.H. Movsisyan, G.V. Petrosian, P.K. Sinamyan